Procerin for Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

Millions of Men Want a Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment That Works

Procerin for Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

Knowing that you are a victim of heredity can be a sobering thought. Having the curse of male pattern hair loss hanging over your head is not the way anyone wants to welcome the second segment of their life. The symptoms of male pattern baldness can manifest at any age, but most men start to experience a receding hair line and a thinning crown by the time they reach their thirties.

Finding a male pattern hair loss treatment that works is always a challenge in a hair replacement market filled with male pattern hair loss treatment solutions that may not have the right ingredients to be the solution for anything. The hair replacement business is a multi-billion dollar industry where not all the products that claim to be the best male pattern hair loss treatment are the best at treating any kind of hair issues.

The typical male pattern baldness symptoms are genetic, but hormones play an important role in triggering those symptoms. Some professional hair replacement researchers say that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main reason that men lose their hair.

DHT is a by-product of testosterone. When there’s too much testosterone in the bloodstream it changes and becomes DHT, which attaches itself to the hair follicles and damages the roots. When the follicle is damaged hair falls out before the hair growth cycle is complete.

DHT actually interferes with the normal growth cycle so active hair follicles go into the dormant stage before they complete the active cycle. The active stage is called the Anagen stage and that stage usually lasts for three to six years, but DHT alters that stage. The damaged follicle goes into the Catagen or Telogen stage, which are the dormant stages of the cycle. Hair can fall out quickly when DHT bonds with follicle roots so it’s important to identify the cause, and find a male pattern hair loss treatment that can stimulate dormant hair follicles.

Most Professionals Recommend One Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment To Block DHT

Most professional hair replacement dermatologists and hair replacement specialists recommend the ingredients in Procerin because the vitamins, nutrients, and herbs in the formula are known for their effectiveness as a male pattern hair loss treatment.

The seventeen ingredients in Procerin stimulate the hair follicle internally as well as externally, so DHT is blocked, and the follicle is able to return to the active stage of hair growth. Procerin actually helps follicles grow new hair by stimulating the follicle and cleaning the pores, so ninety percent of the hair follicles are in the active stage of hair growth and ten percent are in one of the dormant stages.

The ingredients in Procerin are pharmaceutical quality, and it’s guaranteed to be a male pattern hair loss treatment that produces the results you expect.